Friday, March 26, 2010

Look I'm a Dog Walker Now

One of my jobs is to help Mommy walk clients for her pet sitting business, A Pet Nanny Plus. I always have a great time and I decided I should share it with you guys :) So I told Mommy to take some pictures of our walk with Lulu the other day. Lulu is a tiny, little boston terrier, just like Jewels. I'm the big strong guy, so I have to make sure to take care of the little girls.

I'm all set, and ready to get started.

Look Jewels, this is a great spot to sniff. Lulu, over here!

Is that someone coming over there, do they have treats for me, will they pet me, is it a dog? Nope, just a squirrel :)

See, Lulu and Jewels look alot alike! They are both black and white and little.

Jewels doesn't really like other dogs. In fact, she will snap and snarl when she sees a dog on the street. I think it's great fun, cause when she can't get to the other dog, she'll chase me instead! I run and dodge and jump, it's soooo much fun. Unfortunately, Jewels Mommy doesn't want her to do it. So when she sees another dog coming, she sometimes picks Jewels up and hides so Jewels doesn't know there is a dog around :(

Mommy makes us all sit at the corner, before we cross the street because she says its safer. This way we can look for cars and not get hit! I don't want to be hit, that's for sure!
Lulu, you have to sit first!

We are all sitting now. Is it ok to go yet?

A really nice doggie left his chewy bone on his front lawn. I'm sure he did it so Lulu and I could have it. Mommy says no, it's not ours, but if we sneak up and get it, she'll never know, right?

That's it for today's walk time to get back in the van :( Luckily we come and walk Lulu twice a week, so we'll be back soon!


  1. oh My Oak, your still the best lookin boy around. Sounds like you do a good job taking care of the other dogs to during the walk. I get to help Vickie too. sometimes I just take the leash of the other dog myself and walk them. Isn't life great. We are too very lucky dogs.

  2. You bet! We are such helpful goldens :)

  3. She sure does! Next I'm going to show you pics about our walk with Beau!