Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Another Adventure!

We got to go on another adventure yesterday. We went to this big, huge park with lost of tails and mud and sticks! Mommy said it was called the Darlington Provincial Park. We saw lots of neat stuff there. Look at this ... Daddy said its a duck blind. People hide in it and look at ducks. Why on earth would they do that? People can be so strange, I'd rather run out and play with the ducks!

Look at the big bite out of this tree! I can chew sticks into little bitty peices, but I've never chewed a tree before. Daddy says a beaver did this! They must have really big teeth!

This tree is almost all chewed up!

Daddy and me went out on the dock to check out the ice. Mommy was worried I would go on the ice and fall through, but I stayed with Daddy like a good boy.

Time for a little break and a chew on a stick. My teeth aren't as big as the beaver's, so I'll pick a little stick not a tree!

Then we ended up at the lake. No more ice. Yeah, I can go in the water. Daddy threw a stick but it went out too far, so I didn't want to go get it. The waves were really big!

Brrr, its cold still:(

That's ok, I'll just run like crazy and warm myself up :)

Me and Daddy sitting on a log. Mommy tried to set the timer so she could get in the picture too, but she never made it.

It's time to head back to the van, bummer :(
Ahhh, some ice to roll and scratch on. Wiggle, this way, wiggle that way. Nice!

Look, Mommy is going to wiggle on the ground with me :) What fun!

Mommy made me sit for one last picture before we got back into the van to go home. I hope you all liked to hear about my great adventure!


  1. great times Oak. Vickie is getting over her surgery and told me that she would take me on an adventure like yours in the next few weeks. I can hardly wait.......

  2. That's great Bert! I hope Vickie is feeling better soon :)

  3. What a wonderful adventure Oak! I had no idea that beavers went after trees so big - amazing :) I like the picture of you running crazy to warm up. There is nothing like a dog who is smiling while they run!!

  4. Running is one of my favorite things to do, after eating :)