Monday, December 13, 2010

It's Christmas!

It's that time of the year again. Mommy has the antlers out and she's taking pictures of everyone!

She does this every year to us and the client dogs. It all started for me when I was a puppy. Wasn't I cute?

But she had been doing it long before that. This was Phoenix, Mommy's dog before she gots me. I never met him, but Mommy says I would have loved him and we would have gotten along great!

She wrote all about taking the pictures in her blog, so I thought I'd copy it here so you all can see the dogs in antlers!

Christmas Dogs

And she's not done yet. There are still more doggie clients who need their pictures taken in antlers! But no more pictures for me, she's taken mine already!

But with some great manouvers ....

I was able to get them off! Yeah!

Aw, well. Bye, Bye antlers. We'll see you again next year!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Help She's Trying to get Me!

Here's a video of Jewels trying to get me! We're actually just playing, but she does try and bite my nose alot! And she makes alot of funny noises too.

I like playing with Jewels :) She tries to get me when she sees another dog out on our walks too. I think that is the bestest part :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's Time to Shop :)

It's here, it's here, it's finally here :)
We went to get the mail today and my Pet Smart gift card has finally arrived. Remember how Tyler and I got 3rd prize in a photo contest at Toronto Pet Daily a few weeks ago, well the prize is a $50 gift card for Pet Smart! Wow, do you know how many toys I can get with that! I'm so excited!

Hurry, let's get back home so I can open it!

What are you stopping for, let's go!

Rip, rip, rip. I know it's in here somewhere. As soon as I get it out we can go shopping,yeah!

I made a bit of a mess, but its out. Let's go!

Look at all the lovely stuffies. Which ones should I choose.

I decided I should share my toys, so I got a stuffie for Lite, a stuffie for Zanara ( I just discovered that Zanara and Lite didn't get their stuffies, the kids saw them first and were sleeping with them last night! Sorry guys, I tried) and some treats for Jewels (she doesn't like stuffies! Imagine!) I tried to find her a new t-shirt cause hers is missing, but all they had were coats and sweaters :(
Look at all the bags of goodies! Wow! I can't wait to get home and play with it all :)

I love my piggie, so much I already chewed his ears off :)

(By the way, I didn't want that Christmas collar I'm wearing, Mommy made me get it :( She thinks it's cute and it jiggles. She did say I look very handsome in it thought.)

All the other toys are great too, but favourite are the tennis balls. If I could just fit 2 in my mouth at the same time everything would be perfect :)

We get to go to the park a play fetch with them. That's my favourite part.

Mommy entered another picture of me in a photo contest at Toronto Pet Daily. Fingers and paws crossed :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Acorn Pickin'

Mommy has decided she wants to make something out of acorns this Christmas. Why would anyone want to do that? Oh, well, doesn't really matter, the most important thing is we get to go to the woods and look for the acorns! Yeah, another walk! Mommy has to look after Jewels today, so we went to get her first, then we drove and drove and drove. Aren't we ever going to get there? Finally here, and everything smells great!

There no more leaves on the trees! Mommy says that's good, she'll be able to find the acorns on the ground cause they fell off too.

Wow! That's a long way up!

Come on Jewels, run, let's go this way!

Wait, what's that smell? What do you think, Jewels? I think it smells lovely,

and I think I want to roll in it.

Look, what's that weird stuff on the stump? Looks kinda neat :)

There more over there on the log. Mommy says they are a type of mushroom. They don't look like mushrooms to me.

This is a mushroom and look there's a little acorn beside it. The acorns are a little bit hard to find. They are hiding under the leaves!

Wait for me Jewels... I'm done looking at mushrooms. Let's run and explore some more.

Mommy says, we only have time for a quick game of fetch, then we have to head back home :( Bummer, I could stay here all day :)

Oh, well. I'm sure we'll be back again soon!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Another Photo Contest - Help Me Choose!

Mommy put a picture of me and Tyler in a contest on the Toronto Pet Daily Blog and we won third place! We get a $50 gift certificate for Pet Smart! More toys for me:)

Now there is a new contest called "Winter Wonderland" and Mommy can't decide which picture to use of me (she says its because I'm so photogenic :)

So, I'm going to put some of her favorites on my blog and I was hoping you guys could choose which one you like the best. Sound like a plan?

Mommy took this picture the absolute very first ever saw snow! We woke up in the morning and there was all this white, cold stuff covering the grass. I ran around and sniffed and sniffed. The normal backyard smells seemed to still be under the white stuff! Amazing!

This was a little bit later in the year and I had gotten used to the white stuff everywhere. I liked to go outside and lay on it. It was so nice and cool! I thought it was a fabulous place to lay down and relax:)

This is me and my buddy Ranger sniffing at the same spot!

Who's walking who?

My snowman melted :(

Or maybe a Christmas Oak:)

So what do you think? Which one do you like the best?

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Me and my friends got together and made a Halloween video. I hope you enjoy it and also have a safe and Happy Halloween!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Great Walk with my Buddies

It's been a longgggg time since we went to the Orno Crown Lands for a walk, but we finally went on tuesday. Yeah!!!!
We usually go to the river and walk along it, but Mommy and Mandy decided to go a different route this time :( Oh well, I can still run around like a crazy dog and have fun with my buddies!

We went down some backwood paths, then onto a more main path, we did find a river and of course had to jump in!

After our dip Zanara decided she wanted to roll in the grass.

She was having such a good time, Radar thought he's give it a shot too.

Lite and I were having too much fun running around a playing. No time to stop and roll!!!

What a wonderful walk we had, I can't wait to go back again. Can we go soon, Mommy?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween Photo Shoot :)

So today Mommy says we are going on a walk in the woods! Yeah! We haven't been there for almost 2 weeks! Mommy packed a bag of stuff (Hmm, what's that? Smells like dogs...) and a couple of pumpkins (why do we need pumpkins for a walk), then we went to pick up Jewels, then we drove and drove and drove! I didn't think we ere ever going to get there. Finally Mommy stopped and let us out of the van. I jumped out and ran around in circles I was so happy.

Jewels was running around too, smelling here and there. There were trees, and leaves, and great smells everywhere. We went down a cool path in the woods, then back to the van. I thought, oh no, we're not leaving already are we? Nope, Mommy had other plans, she put a devil costume on me and made me sit so she could take pictures :(

I really tried to sit still, really I did, but I got bored and started tossing a stick around. Then it landed behind me, so I had to turn around and try and get it. I didn't really more, though, right Mommy?

She decided it was too shady where she had me sitting, so she wanted to move to a sunnier spot. Yeah, we get to walk again! Now Jewels gets a turn at sitting still and I get to run around and play :)

She only had to sit, she didn't have to wear a costume, that's not fair!

Ha, ha, Mommy put a with costume on Jewels. She doesn't look to happy to be a witch! Or maybe that's just her witchy face :)

Next its my turn again :( Mommy wanted to try something different, but the feathers were tickling me, so as soon as this picture was taken I grabbed the feathers and tore them to pieces. What fun!

Finally pictures are over and we can go for another little walk before we have to go. Mommy made me wear the silly devil costume because she was hoping to take some more pictures. How come Jewels doesn't have to wear a costume!

But she does have to wear a coat all the time and that is sorta like having to wear a costume, isn't it?

I don't want to go yet Mommy, throw me another stick...

What a wonderful morning we had, I can't wait to go again (without the costumes and having to sit still for pictures).

Sunday, July 4, 2010

It's My 2nd Birthday Today!

Yeah! It's my birthday! I have had a wonderful day so far. Our walk at the park first (of course). And we went to my favourite park (of course).
We see a blue heron there, or at least Mommy does (I've never seen it) almost every time we go. It was in the pond again today. Mommy tried to take pictures, but she says they are too blurry. I'm gonna show you anyways :) See ...

Then we walked over to the river to fetch sticks, but they kept sinking and disappearing! Where did they go!

When we got home Mommy said she had a wonderful surprise for me! She put a party hat on my head :( What kinda surprise is that!

But wait, what's that, it smells really good! It's a birthday cake for me :) YUMMY!!!

Can I have it? Can I have it now?

More surprises! A present! Just for me, look at all the cool paper to rip. What fun!
What do you mean there is something other then paper in there. The paper's the fun part :)

Mommy said it was time to sit down and relax for a bit now. Aww! I want to do more stuff! Great news, Jewels is going for a walk, so we're going too. I don't have to relax at all! Yeah

Look that tree is all burnt. I wonder how that happened?

Time to cross the river. Jewels is taking the high road :) A log ...

I'd rather take the low road and stay in this nice cool water :)

Wow, what a fun walk we had. We'll have to go back there again sometime (I hope). Now back home for a nap, supper(yum) and then I get to play with my new toys. I love birthdays!!!!!