Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cottage Time Again!

We went up to the cottage this week for the first time this year! I had such fun! Although it was scary too :(
Mommy was a bit upset when we got there. She was unloading the van and she realized she left my food on the kitchen counter at home! Imagine, how could she forget my food! But I discovered there are advantages to not having my own food, I got leftovers. Look, steak, potatoes, carrots, asparagus , a meal fit for a king!

We went to the pond the first day we got there. Mommy threw sticks in and I brought them back out for her. I got a little stuck in the algae, but I made it out and so did my stick.

Shake, shake, shake! Gettin rid of the extra water.

We have a terrible problem beavers building dams and flooding out the rest of the property. This is not supposed to be wet here, and it is causing all the trees to die!

So we have to go around and break up the dams. Look at me helping Daddy. I'm getting the branches out and throwing them away! (or at least tossing them around and playing with them :)

We stopped at the bridge while we were out at the river. It's a way scary place! I didn't want to get on, but Mommy and Daddy were both on the bridge so I crawled up the stairs,

I made it! Now I just have to get over to Mommy and Daddy. Slow but sure, I'll get there :)

We can see the whole river from here!

We walked up the river some more and look what we found, rainbow trout! I did even notice them until they started splashing around. I was more interested in sticks.

I bet you'll never guess what this is. It's a fridge! Daddy and his friend dug a hole in the ground (they didn't ask me to help :( I could have done a really good job, too) Then they lined it and they put drinks in it to keep them cold. I don't know why they don't just drink from the river. It's yummy! And you get to swim at the same time :)

Look a porcupine! We have to stay very far away from them. That's why the picture is so blurry, we were way far away!

And here's a salt block. Daddy says it's for the deer. Why one earth would anyone want a salt block?

After our walk, we went for a ride on the quad to find some trees to plant by our cottage. Mommy and I got to ride in the trailer behind the quad. It was scary at first, but since Mommy was in the trailer already, I figured I should get in and protect her. It was fun having the wind blowing in my hair :)

We saw this weird looking skeleton when we were looking for rocks for our new trees.

It looks like a bat, but its really just a fish head!

We got two trees to plant by our cottage, and I helped plant them. I am being so helpful!

I had lots of fun adventures again, but now that I've told you all about them, I'm going to have a great big nap!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fun with the Kids!

The kids came over to play today. It's such fun when they are around. I like to follow them everywhere, because I know they'll play with me. The boy, Tyler, was trying to teach me some tricks with the clicker! Time for a break. I just love snuggling on his lap :)

Then we all went for a adventure in the woods. Jewels came too, she doesn't like the kids though, they are too noisy and scare her :( Are they coming?

The girl, Rory, and I were playing ball, or maybe frisbee. Actually, she threw the ball for me, then while I was chasing the ball, she threw the frisbee for herself!

We went for a walk through a field, and I found some nice turkey poo to roll in. Mommy wasn't too happy, I just had a bath 2 days ago. Oops!
Jewels found some too! See how much fun it is. Look at her big smile :)

Look Tyler, I brought the ball back! Throw it again!

Come on guys, catch up. Everyone is going this way.

Finally, lunch. I'll just hide here under the table and catch any treats that fall my way. Unfortunately, silly me decided it would be a good idea to sneak up on the table and steal a piece of cheese. I had to go over and sit by the truck then. I wasn't allowed anywhere near the table or the food :(

What a great day! I'm so tired, I'm going to sleep for a week!