Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Bit About Me

I figured its time I wrote a bit about myself! You can tell by my pictures that I'm a handsome fella, but I sure you'd like to know more about me then that :) (although that is very important too!) I arrived in this world on July 4, 2008 along with my 5 brothers and 5 sisters. It was a bit of a struggle getting my spot on the food chain, but I was able to manage most of the time. Then on September 11, 2008 I met my Mommy. Me and my sister were running around the backyard having a great time, when this strange lady came up to us. She scooped me up and I licked her face, I think that's why she decided to take me home. (that and cause I was sooo cute!)
The ride home was very long and a bit scary, but we made it, and I only peed and pood once in the van :)
My new home was a bit scary too. There was a bunch of strange men and alot of banging. Mommy said it was ok, as soon as the strange men got the new windows in, they would be gone. Here's me hiding behind Mommy's chair. She'll protect me.

Then there was the big scary dog. Look at her! I don't think she liked me too much :(

I had this great bed to sleep in though ...

And lots of toys to play with ...

And when I got big enough, Mommy took me to the park for walks!

And over to the daycare to play with my new friends :)

Am I ever glad Mommy came to get me and bring me home with her!

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