Monday, March 1, 2010

I Should have a Gold Medal for My Manners

My last training class was yesterday and I did a wonderful job! We had to be tested for all the cues we've been learning the past 6 weeks. And we even played games and had lots of fun.
Waiting for class to start...

First we played games, this is me playing Red Light, Green Light. We had to sit as soon as Yamei said red light. I sat every time!

Then we played Simon Says... Simon said Down ...

And lastly came the test! I had to follow Mommy's commands:

Mommy said "Watch Me" I didn't take my eyes off her (or maybe it was the treat :)

Then I had to "Leave it". That was soooo hard, just look at the yummy treat Mommy has in front of my nose!

Then Sit, Down, Loose Leash Walking, Come ... Come was lots of fun. I got to run back and forth between my Mommy and her daughter Mandy :) Then Stay, Wait, Stand, Responding to my Name and finally Canine Calisthentics ... that means Sit, then Down, then Stand over and over.

The other guys in the class said I should have drug testing done to make sure I'm not on any performance enhancing drugs! I'm not, you know. I just wanted to do real good. We've been practicing.

Here's my scores, look all 3's. I did each one right 3 times.

And my certificate, Mommy says she's going to frame it for me.

We even got pretty bandanas from Yamei. I didn't want her to put it one though, I wanted her to rub my belly instead.

What a great class! I had so much fun! Can we do it again, Mommy?


  1. Way to go Oak..Mimi started her Pre Agility classes this past luck out..she has to walk 3 miles a day...Can't wait to see your next certificate..

  2. First of all, I love your name! You are awesome to get such good grades, and you were so well mannered in your video :) Good job!

  3. Congratulations! You look like you really know how to control yourself. Hate to tell your humans will expect it all the time...

  4. Oh No! I have to be well mannered all the time! Not sure I can do that :(