Friday, March 26, 2010

Look I'm a Dog Walker Now

One of my jobs is to help Mommy walk clients for her pet sitting business, A Pet Nanny Plus. I always have a great time and I decided I should share it with you guys :) So I told Mommy to take some pictures of our walk with Lulu the other day. Lulu is a tiny, little boston terrier, just like Jewels. I'm the big strong guy, so I have to make sure to take care of the little girls.

I'm all set, and ready to get started.

Look Jewels, this is a great spot to sniff. Lulu, over here!

Is that someone coming over there, do they have treats for me, will they pet me, is it a dog? Nope, just a squirrel :)

See, Lulu and Jewels look alot alike! They are both black and white and little.

Jewels doesn't really like other dogs. In fact, she will snap and snarl when she sees a dog on the street. I think it's great fun, cause when she can't get to the other dog, she'll chase me instead! I run and dodge and jump, it's soooo much fun. Unfortunately, Jewels Mommy doesn't want her to do it. So when she sees another dog coming, she sometimes picks Jewels up and hides so Jewels doesn't know there is a dog around :(

Mommy makes us all sit at the corner, before we cross the street because she says its safer. This way we can look for cars and not get hit! I don't want to be hit, that's for sure!
Lulu, you have to sit first!

We are all sitting now. Is it ok to go yet?

A really nice doggie left his chewy bone on his front lawn. I'm sure he did it so Lulu and I could have it. Mommy says no, it's not ours, but if we sneak up and get it, she'll never know, right?

That's it for today's walk time to get back in the van :( Luckily we come and walk Lulu twice a week, so we'll be back soon!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Another Adventure!

We got to go on another adventure yesterday. We went to this big, huge park with lost of tails and mud and sticks! Mommy said it was called the Darlington Provincial Park. We saw lots of neat stuff there. Look at this ... Daddy said its a duck blind. People hide in it and look at ducks. Why on earth would they do that? People can be so strange, I'd rather run out and play with the ducks!

Look at the big bite out of this tree! I can chew sticks into little bitty peices, but I've never chewed a tree before. Daddy says a beaver did this! They must have really big teeth!

This tree is almost all chewed up!

Daddy and me went out on the dock to check out the ice. Mommy was worried I would go on the ice and fall through, but I stayed with Daddy like a good boy.

Time for a little break and a chew on a stick. My teeth aren't as big as the beaver's, so I'll pick a little stick not a tree!

Then we ended up at the lake. No more ice. Yeah, I can go in the water. Daddy threw a stick but it went out too far, so I didn't want to go get it. The waves were really big!

Brrr, its cold still:(

That's ok, I'll just run like crazy and warm myself up :)

Me and Daddy sitting on a log. Mommy tried to set the timer so she could get in the picture too, but she never made it.

It's time to head back to the van, bummer :(
Ahhh, some ice to roll and scratch on. Wiggle, this way, wiggle that way. Nice!

Look, Mommy is going to wiggle on the ground with me :) What fun!

Mommy made me sit for one last picture before we got back into the van to go home. I hope you all liked to hear about my great adventure!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Bit About Me

I figured its time I wrote a bit about myself! You can tell by my pictures that I'm a handsome fella, but I sure you'd like to know more about me then that :) (although that is very important too!) I arrived in this world on July 4, 2008 along with my 5 brothers and 5 sisters. It was a bit of a struggle getting my spot on the food chain, but I was able to manage most of the time. Then on September 11, 2008 I met my Mommy. Me and my sister were running around the backyard having a great time, when this strange lady came up to us. She scooped me up and I licked her face, I think that's why she decided to take me home. (that and cause I was sooo cute!)
The ride home was very long and a bit scary, but we made it, and I only peed and pood once in the van :)
My new home was a bit scary too. There was a bunch of strange men and alot of banging. Mommy said it was ok, as soon as the strange men got the new windows in, they would be gone. Here's me hiding behind Mommy's chair. She'll protect me.

Then there was the big scary dog. Look at her! I don't think she liked me too much :(

I had this great bed to sleep in though ...

And lots of toys to play with ...

And when I got big enough, Mommy took me to the park for walks!

And over to the daycare to play with my new friends :)

Am I ever glad Mommy came to get me and bring me home with her!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What a Great Day for a Walk

We got to go on a real long walk this morning! Mommy and me, Mandy, Greg, Zanara, Lite and Radar. What an adventure!
We went to Orno to run in the woods. Hurry up Mommy, let's go!

This is my buddy Lite. He likes to carry sticks on his walks. I tried to play tug of war with him, but he just wanted to carry the stick around.

We walked down a bunch of paths, through a field ... This is Radar, he had to wear a coat, silly, huh

then down a big hill (Mommy whined that it was slippery, I just ran all the way down, no slipping then!). Then we found a river, silly Lite jumped right in, but Zanara and I just looked at it and walked away.

Lite finally dropped his stick, so I grabbed it and shook it around. It was such fun!

We were walking sooo much that I was getting thirsty. Maybe Lite was right. It was time to go in the river and get a drink. Boy, was it cold! But the drink was really nice :)

I want to go this way! No, I think we should go that way. Which way, Mommy?

You're going the wrong way guys, we have to go this way. Race ya!

Bummer, it's time to head back to the van(look Lite found another stick). Can we come back tomorrow, Mommy?

Monday, March 1, 2010

I Should have a Gold Medal for My Manners

My last training class was yesterday and I did a wonderful job! We had to be tested for all the cues we've been learning the past 6 weeks. And we even played games and had lots of fun.
Waiting for class to start...

First we played games, this is me playing Red Light, Green Light. We had to sit as soon as Yamei said red light. I sat every time!

Then we played Simon Says... Simon said Down ...

And lastly came the test! I had to follow Mommy's commands:

Mommy said "Watch Me" I didn't take my eyes off her (or maybe it was the treat :)

Then I had to "Leave it". That was soooo hard, just look at the yummy treat Mommy has in front of my nose!

Then Sit, Down, Loose Leash Walking, Come ... Come was lots of fun. I got to run back and forth between my Mommy and her daughter Mandy :) Then Stay, Wait, Stand, Responding to my Name and finally Canine Calisthentics ... that means Sit, then Down, then Stand over and over.

The other guys in the class said I should have drug testing done to make sure I'm not on any performance enhancing drugs! I'm not, you know. I just wanted to do real good. We've been practicing.

Here's my scores, look all 3's. I did each one right 3 times.

And my certificate, Mommy says she's going to frame it for me.

We even got pretty bandanas from Yamei. I didn't want her to put it one though, I wanted her to rub my belly instead.

What a great class! I had so much fun! Can we do it again, Mommy?