Sunday, October 31, 2010


Me and my friends got together and made a Halloween video. I hope you enjoy it and also have a safe and Happy Halloween!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Great Walk with my Buddies

It's been a longgggg time since we went to the Orno Crown Lands for a walk, but we finally went on tuesday. Yeah!!!!
We usually go to the river and walk along it, but Mommy and Mandy decided to go a different route this time :( Oh well, I can still run around like a crazy dog and have fun with my buddies!

We went down some backwood paths, then onto a more main path, we did find a river and of course had to jump in!

After our dip Zanara decided she wanted to roll in the grass.

She was having such a good time, Radar thought he's give it a shot too.

Lite and I were having too much fun running around a playing. No time to stop and roll!!!

What a wonderful walk we had, I can't wait to go back again. Can we go soon, Mommy?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween Photo Shoot :)

So today Mommy says we are going on a walk in the woods! Yeah! We haven't been there for almost 2 weeks! Mommy packed a bag of stuff (Hmm, what's that? Smells like dogs...) and a couple of pumpkins (why do we need pumpkins for a walk), then we went to pick up Jewels, then we drove and drove and drove! I didn't think we ere ever going to get there. Finally Mommy stopped and let us out of the van. I jumped out and ran around in circles I was so happy.

Jewels was running around too, smelling here and there. There were trees, and leaves, and great smells everywhere. We went down a cool path in the woods, then back to the van. I thought, oh no, we're not leaving already are we? Nope, Mommy had other plans, she put a devil costume on me and made me sit so she could take pictures :(

I really tried to sit still, really I did, but I got bored and started tossing a stick around. Then it landed behind me, so I had to turn around and try and get it. I didn't really more, though, right Mommy?

She decided it was too shady where she had me sitting, so she wanted to move to a sunnier spot. Yeah, we get to walk again! Now Jewels gets a turn at sitting still and I get to run around and play :)

She only had to sit, she didn't have to wear a costume, that's not fair!

Ha, ha, Mommy put a with costume on Jewels. She doesn't look to happy to be a witch! Or maybe that's just her witchy face :)

Next its my turn again :( Mommy wanted to try something different, but the feathers were tickling me, so as soon as this picture was taken I grabbed the feathers and tore them to pieces. What fun!

Finally pictures are over and we can go for another little walk before we have to go. Mommy made me wear the silly devil costume because she was hoping to take some more pictures. How come Jewels doesn't have to wear a costume!

But she does have to wear a coat all the time and that is sorta like having to wear a costume, isn't it?

I don't want to go yet Mommy, throw me another stick...

What a wonderful morning we had, I can't wait to go again (without the costumes and having to sit still for pictures).