Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What a Great Day for a Walk

We got to go on a real long walk this morning! Mommy and me, Mandy, Greg, Zanara, Lite and Radar. What an adventure!
We went to Orno to run in the woods. Hurry up Mommy, let's go!

This is my buddy Lite. He likes to carry sticks on his walks. I tried to play tug of war with him, but he just wanted to carry the stick around.

We walked down a bunch of paths, through a field ... This is Radar, he had to wear a coat, silly, huh

then down a big hill (Mommy whined that it was slippery, I just ran all the way down, no slipping then!). Then we found a river, silly Lite jumped right in, but Zanara and I just looked at it and walked away.

Lite finally dropped his stick, so I grabbed it and shook it around. It was such fun!

We were walking sooo much that I was getting thirsty. Maybe Lite was right. It was time to go in the river and get a drink. Boy, was it cold! But the drink was really nice :)

I want to go this way! No, I think we should go that way. Which way, Mommy?

You're going the wrong way guys, we have to go this way. Race ya!

Bummer, it's time to head back to the van(look Lite found another stick). Can we come back tomorrow, Mommy?


  1. I'm guessing somebody slept well after that adventure. :)