Sunday, April 24, 2011

What a GREAT Day!

Wow today has been absolutely fantabulous!

This morning bright and early we got up and hopped in the van. Daddy said we were going to scout for turkeys! Cool! I thought turkey came in those frozen packages Mommy thaws for my supper, but they are actually birds! Who knew!

We drove out to the woods and got out of the van. Lots of fields, trees and mud. Looks like fun! Me and Daddy are scouting for turkeys! Oh, and Mommy too :)

We looked high, and low.

None up there! Daddy made this strange noise. It scared me at first, it was very loud! Then I got used to it. He said it was to get the turkey's to gobble back at him, and it worked! They gobbled!

Look, we found a turkey print. :)

We had to move sticks out of the way, so Daddy can walk back here quietly when he goes hunting tomorrow. I'm being sooooo helpful!

We even saw some turkeys. They were way off in a field, but that was only because they saw me and I scared them away. :( I guess that means I don't get to go hunting with Daddy tomorrow. :(

I was really dirty and full of sticks so when we got home, Mommy had to brush me and get all the stuff out. I LOVE being brushed. It's almost as great as going for a walk :)

So while Mommy is brushing me, Julie phones and wants to know if we want to go for a walk with her and Jewels. You bet!

Look a bear in a tree! How'd that get there?

We found Easter eggs too. The Easter bunny was here!

Oh, a river! I love water, that's for sure. I can dig all the rocks out of the bottom!

Splash :)

We walked along the path beside the river. We met someone going fishing, then we met someone else with his dog who was picking up garbage. Mommy and Julie are going to bring a bag next time and pick up garbage too.

We've come to the end of the path on this side, so some how we have to get to the other side. I just go right through the river, but Julie and Jewels and Mommy don't want to get their feet wet, so they crossed the river on this tree branch. You can do it Julie!

After we crossed the river, Jewels decided to have a little break on this pretty rock :)

I decided it was a good time to roll in the dirt because I got a bit chilly walking through the river!

Up a great big hill we went, then down the street and we were back a Julie's house. Boy, what fun! Mommy says I'm all muddy and dirty again, so I'll have to be brushed again as soon as we get home.

Yeah! More of my favourite things! Then it's naptime for me. I hope you had as much fun on Easter as I did!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hoppy Easter is on its Way :)

Mommy says we get alot of clients (you know, dogs and cats that she looks after) because the vets in the area recommend us. Isn't that nice of them? We need to do something nice for them, like give them chocolates for Easter. And, we need to give them a Thank You card with the chocolates. Mommy wanted to make the card more personal by putting a picture of me on it. Yeah! It's cause I'm so handsome, right? Well I thought this might be fun guessed it, the BUNNY EARS came out! She took like 50 pictures of me in bunny ears (who wants to see a dog in bunny ears!!!). Finally she decided that was enough pictures. What do you think? These are a few of Mommy's favourite ones.

Big Smiley Bunny :)

A different pair of bunny antenae!

I tried very hard to eat the bunny ears, but she kept putting them back on, so now I'm giving up and just letting her take as many pictures as she wants!

Happy Easter everyone, remember NO chocolates for my furry friends!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Lots of Stuff, Where do I Start ....

Well, it has been an interesting couple of weeks since I last blogged.

First I had my yearly checkup with my vet. My vet is a little different, we don't go to a big scary office, she comes to our house! Isn't that great! This time our appoint was a Jewels house (we all - Jewels, Zanara, Lite and me) have our appointment at the same time. It's like a big party :) Zanara went first, then Jewels, then me. Lite didn't actually come this time. I missed him :( When it was my turn, I got lots of hugs and snuggles before she checked me out. She pulled my legs (weird huh!), looked in my ears, looked at my skin, all that was fun. But then came the scary part, I had to have blood tests done. Why would I need that? She took a huge, pointy thing and stuck it in my leg! Mommy hugged me the whole time though, so it wasn't too bad. She did tell Mommy I needed to loose weight! Do I look fat to you?

Geez, that means Mommy's going to feed me less food and less treats :(

But it also means more walks !!!! Yeah!!!!

We went on a great walk last weekend. I fetched sticks.

Julie and Jewels came too.

Look at this! It's part of an old bridge! Neat isn't it!

Boy was I tired after our adventure. I slept the all the way home and for the rest of the day.

Mommy got the results of my blood tests back this past week too. She says I'm hypothyroid. What's that? I have to take pills twice a day. Mommy puts them in my food, so I don't even notice. Their really tiny anyway. She says its not my fault I'm a bit round (she never says fat :), it's because my thyroid isn't working right. Does this mean I can have more treats? I hope so.

That was alot of thinking, I'm going to go take a nap now :) Bye, bye!

Friday, March 11, 2011

My Snow Bone

Yesterday Mommy gave me this big, beautiful bone to chew on in the backyard. She said "it's even organic" whatever that meant. It was a rather soggy day to be outside, but I love water and snow, so it didn't bother me. I just wanted to chew, chew, chew on my yummy bone :) I'd chew it on one side, then roll it over and chew it on another side, then roll it over again so I could find more yummy spots to chew. I was out there for hours just chewing away. Until I got to a point that I just couldn't find a spot to chew anymore!

Every time I rolled my bone over, it picked up some snow (like when you make a snowman), so after rolling it over and over again, it turned into a SNOW BONE!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm Lazy Today :)

Mommy just spent the last hour or so creating this blog about my friend Jewels, so I copied it and I'm going to add my own little bits to it :) Good idea don't you think! :)

In Chinese astrology 2011 is the year of the Rabbit. I read the motto is: "Let there be peace -- and let it begin with me". Last year was the year of the Tiger. It was supposedly a year of "roller coaster ups and downs." I think, around here at least, the year of the Tiger decided to hang on for a bit so that we would appreciate the calmness to follow. Hopefully that will happen soon!

One major thing I have learned so far this year is cat's claws and dogs eyes are a bad combination. Oak says...(that's me!) I've learned to stay away from those scary little guys! They hiss and swat at me!

"I remember having to wear a cone it sucked!!"

On January 5 our little Jewels was accidently scratched in the eye by one of the cats she lives with. She was rushed off to the emergency clinic in the area. Unfortunately, our local emergency clinic is not set up to handle eye emergencies. They weren't much help at all, except to recommend that Jewels be taken to see Dr Michael Zigler in Oakville. He was able to sew her iris back on and send her home with lots of eye drops and meds to be taken in hopes of saving her eye. We went back the following week for a checkup and then again 2 weeks after that. She was able to cut back the 4x a day eye drops to 3x and some even only twice a day. He was cautiously optimistic that she would regain some of her sight and keep her eye. Yeah she was on the road to recovery!
"Mommy's been helping alot to look after Jewels, so my buddy Becca has been taking me for walks every day that Jewels is here! I'm sooo lucky :)"

Well, things didn't work out quite the way we had hoped :( On Sunday February 13 we went for a lovely walk, then a bit of a nap (for the dogs) and some treats. "It was a great walk, we haven't been on a walk together for along time!" Suddenly I heard a squeal from upstairs. Jewels came running downstairs very upset with liquid running down her face! "Mommy and Daddy grabbed me and Jewels and we ran to the van. It was scary, I didn't know what was wrong." Back to the emergency clinic (who were once again no help), then back to see Dr Zigler.. After a 2 days of tests he discovered a stitch had come out and her retina had detached. There was no way to save her eye. He did an enucleation of her eye on the Tuesday and we were able to pick her up on Wednesday. She had just been able to take her cone off once in a while, but now she was back in it for the next two weeks. "Feel better Jewels, I want to play again :)"

After lots of rest, relaxation, hugs, kisses and treats, she is healing wonderfully and looking fabulous. She does have cataracts in the remaining eye so can only see shadows. It does seem to cause her some stress especially at night and when a certain golden retriever starts bouncing around. "Hey, I think she's talking about me! When I start tossing my toys around Mommy keeps telling me I have to calm down and becareful. I try, to be calm, honest I do!" So she will be having cataract surgery on her remaining eye (they did lots of tests to determine it was a perfect candidate for surgery). She has her cataract surgery. scheduled for March 22 and then she'll be done. Then maybe the rabbit part of the year will finally begin and fill the rest of her year with PEACE and CALM. "Except for when we get to play, go for walks and go swimming, car rides are exciting too!"

"There were no pictures of me in this blog, so I had to add one :) I tried to find one of me lying down and being calm, but there weren't any :( Mommy hasn't been taking enough pictures of me obviously, because I know I've been calm sometime this year! Anyway, I figured I look pretty calm in this picture, so I'm using it :) What do you think? Next time I'll actually write my own blog"

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!

Mommy has been hogging the computer lately, so its taken me days to finish this blog post!

Guess where we went for New Year's, the COTTAGE!!!! Yeah!!! There was snow and ice and running and playing and even a fire. Check out my adventures.

Here I am helping unload the truck. Pullllllll .......

Look there is a little bird's nest in the tree right outside the cottage window. I didn't see it there this summer!

We went out on the lake to check out the ice. Look how far from the shore we are ...

It's really shallow though so even if we fell in we'd just get cold feet. And everybody 'cept Mommy did fall and get wet feet! Here's Julie emptying her boots .....

Jewels thinks there's still bugs in the grass and she's trying to find them. Silly, there's no bugs in the winter!

Time to head in and get dry.

Even though it was pouring rain, we built this huge gigantic snowman!

I was helping put the buttons on (well actually take them off, but that's not really helping, is it :)

We're going to have a fire tonight! I have to help collect some sticks. It's going to be huge!

See I told you, it was going to be huge!

Time to relax with Mommy and Daddy. More fun planned for tomorrow, so I have to make sure to have lots of energy :)

Daddy's throwing snowballs for me to fetch, but there's never a ball after it lands on the ground! It turns back into a little pile of snow :(

Look, it rained all night and Mr Snowman is shrinking :( He lost all his buttons, but I didn't take them! They all fell off!

Can I go for a swim Mommy?

Hey, that ice moved! I'm heading back for land!

We're climbing up the Bird's Nest Lookout we can see everything from there!

Look someone dug a heartshaped hole in the ground ... People can be really strange ...

When we got over to this pond, we found a silly frog had jumped on the ice and was sliding around. He couldn't get back to the water. Jewels and I wanted to go help him, but Mommy said the ice was too thin, we'd fall through and then we'd be stuck! Daddy got a really big stick and helped pull him back to the side of the pond. Yeah! The little froggy is safe :)

Over New's Years adventure is over. Time to go back home :(

Have a great 2011 Everybody!!!!