Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fun with the Kids!

The kids came over to play today. It's such fun when they are around. I like to follow them everywhere, because I know they'll play with me. The boy, Tyler, was trying to teach me some tricks with the clicker! Time for a break. I just love snuggling on his lap :)

Then we all went for a adventure in the woods. Jewels came too, she doesn't like the kids though, they are too noisy and scare her :( Are they coming?

The girl, Rory, and I were playing ball, or maybe frisbee. Actually, she threw the ball for me, then while I was chasing the ball, she threw the frisbee for herself!

We went for a walk through a field, and I found some nice turkey poo to roll in. Mommy wasn't too happy, I just had a bath 2 days ago. Oops!
Jewels found some too! See how much fun it is. Look at her big smile :)

Look Tyler, I brought the ball back! Throw it again!

Come on guys, catch up. Everyone is going this way.

Finally, lunch. I'll just hide here under the table and catch any treats that fall my way. Unfortunately, silly me decided it would be a good idea to sneak up on the table and steal a piece of cheese. I had to go over and sit by the truck then. I wasn't allowed anywhere near the table or the food :(

What a great day! I'm so tired, I'm going to sleep for a week!


  1. wow Oak, looks like you had a great week too. I have never found turkey left overs, but we are knee deep in skunk, pheasant and racoon droppings. How about a trade, you know, just so we both get some variety.....

  2. Oak, you are darling snuggling with your little boy. I bet he treasures you :)

  3. Great place to lay while the humans eat. That's my number one spot as well!