Friday, November 5, 2010

Another Photo Contest - Help Me Choose!

Mommy put a picture of me and Tyler in a contest on the Toronto Pet Daily Blog and we won third place! We get a $50 gift certificate for Pet Smart! More toys for me:)

Now there is a new contest called "Winter Wonderland" and Mommy can't decide which picture to use of me (she says its because I'm so photogenic :)

So, I'm going to put some of her favorites on my blog and I was hoping you guys could choose which one you like the best. Sound like a plan?

Mommy took this picture the absolute very first ever saw snow! We woke up in the morning and there was all this white, cold stuff covering the grass. I ran around and sniffed and sniffed. The normal backyard smells seemed to still be under the white stuff! Amazing!

This was a little bit later in the year and I had gotten used to the white stuff everywhere. I liked to go outside and lay on it. It was so nice and cool! I thought it was a fabulous place to lay down and relax:)

This is me and my buddy Ranger sniffing at the same spot!

Who's walking who?

My snowman melted :(

Or maybe a Christmas Oak:)

So what do you think? Which one do you like the best?


  1. This is really hard, so I am asking my sidekick Neil to help out. He likes the two dogs together with the leash " Who's walking who?" and I like it too, but I also really like them sniffing the same spot . Sooo for us any one of these two would be our choice. But they are all so cute and nice. I am thinking of Winter Wonderland also as the tittle of the contest. The two dogs together seem to be in a Winter Wonderland to me. :) Good luck !!

  2. I have to vote for either the puppy Oak or Ranger and Oak sniffing together. I think they are all so great though! :)

  3. So that's 2 for Ranger and Oak face to face, anyone else have a favourite?