Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's Time to Shop :)

It's here, it's here, it's finally here :)
We went to get the mail today and my Pet Smart gift card has finally arrived. Remember how Tyler and I got 3rd prize in a photo contest at Toronto Pet Daily a few weeks ago, well the prize is a $50 gift card for Pet Smart! Wow, do you know how many toys I can get with that! I'm so excited!

Hurry, let's get back home so I can open it!

What are you stopping for, let's go!

Rip, rip, rip. I know it's in here somewhere. As soon as I get it out we can go shopping,yeah!

I made a bit of a mess, but its out. Let's go!

Look at all the lovely stuffies. Which ones should I choose.

I decided I should share my toys, so I got a stuffie for Lite, a stuffie for Zanara ( I just discovered that Zanara and Lite didn't get their stuffies, the kids saw them first and were sleeping with them last night! Sorry guys, I tried) and some treats for Jewels (she doesn't like stuffies! Imagine!) I tried to find her a new t-shirt cause hers is missing, but all they had were coats and sweaters :(
Look at all the bags of goodies! Wow! I can't wait to get home and play with it all :)

I love my piggie, so much I already chewed his ears off :)

(By the way, I didn't want that Christmas collar I'm wearing, Mommy made me get it :( She thinks it's cute and it jiggles. She did say I look very handsome in it thought.)

All the other toys are great too, but favourite are the tennis balls. If I could just fit 2 in my mouth at the same time everything would be perfect :)

We get to go to the park a play fetch with them. That's my favourite part.

Mommy entered another picture of me in a photo contest at Toronto Pet Daily. Fingers and paws crossed :)


  1. Hey Oak, congrats on the photo contest. But of course, any guy as good lookin as you would have to win in a photo contest. Did I tell you that you and I look alot alike. (us handsome dudes should be models or somthin for a dog magazine)
    Gotta say, I am hopin Vickie doesnt see that Christmas Collar. I hate to wear collars. anyways, congrats......

  2. Thanks Bert, we do have alot in common. It's like lookin in a mirror!
    Yeah, the collar sucks :(