Sunday, July 4, 2010

It's My 2nd Birthday Today!

Yeah! It's my birthday! I have had a wonderful day so far. Our walk at the park first (of course). And we went to my favourite park (of course).
We see a blue heron there, or at least Mommy does (I've never seen it) almost every time we go. It was in the pond again today. Mommy tried to take pictures, but she says they are too blurry. I'm gonna show you anyways :) See ...

Then we walked over to the river to fetch sticks, but they kept sinking and disappearing! Where did they go!

When we got home Mommy said she had a wonderful surprise for me! She put a party hat on my head :( What kinda surprise is that!

But wait, what's that, it smells really good! It's a birthday cake for me :) YUMMY!!!

Can I have it? Can I have it now?

More surprises! A present! Just for me, look at all the cool paper to rip. What fun!
What do you mean there is something other then paper in there. The paper's the fun part :)

Mommy said it was time to sit down and relax for a bit now. Aww! I want to do more stuff! Great news, Jewels is going for a walk, so we're going too. I don't have to relax at all! Yeah

Look that tree is all burnt. I wonder how that happened?

Time to cross the river. Jewels is taking the high road :) A log ...

I'd rather take the low road and stay in this nice cool water :)

Wow, what a fun walk we had. We'll have to go back there again sometime (I hope). Now back home for a nap, supper(yum) and then I get to play with my new toys. I love birthdays!!!!!


  1. Happy birthday Buddy! Love, Jewels

  2. Happy Birthday Oak. I love your present. It looks great. I wish vickie would let me have toys like that, but I eat them and then I have to go back to the doctor....again and again.

    so enjoy it for me too, will you.

    Love ya