Thursday, October 28, 2010

Great Walk with my Buddies

It's been a longgggg time since we went to the Orno Crown Lands for a walk, but we finally went on tuesday. Yeah!!!!
We usually go to the river and walk along it, but Mommy and Mandy decided to go a different route this time :( Oh well, I can still run around like a crazy dog and have fun with my buddies!

We went down some backwood paths, then onto a more main path, we did find a river and of course had to jump in!

After our dip Zanara decided she wanted to roll in the grass.

She was having such a good time, Radar thought he's give it a shot too.

Lite and I were having too much fun running around a playing. No time to stop and roll!!!

What a wonderful walk we had, I can't wait to go back again. Can we go soon, Mommy?


  1. Woof that looks like a great walk, and such fun having friends to walk and play with! The leaves have fallen off your trees already? Ours are just turning colour and some are falling off.. I like it when all the leaves are on the ground.

  2. It's such fun playing in the leaves, isn't it?