Sunday, April 24, 2011

What a GREAT Day!

Wow today has been absolutely fantabulous!

This morning bright and early we got up and hopped in the van. Daddy said we were going to scout for turkeys! Cool! I thought turkey came in those frozen packages Mommy thaws for my supper, but they are actually birds! Who knew!

We drove out to the woods and got out of the van. Lots of fields, trees and mud. Looks like fun! Me and Daddy are scouting for turkeys! Oh, and Mommy too :)

We looked high, and low.

None up there! Daddy made this strange noise. It scared me at first, it was very loud! Then I got used to it. He said it was to get the turkey's to gobble back at him, and it worked! They gobbled!

Look, we found a turkey print. :)

We had to move sticks out of the way, so Daddy can walk back here quietly when he goes hunting tomorrow. I'm being sooooo helpful!

We even saw some turkeys. They were way off in a field, but that was only because they saw me and I scared them away. :( I guess that means I don't get to go hunting with Daddy tomorrow. :(

I was really dirty and full of sticks so when we got home, Mommy had to brush me and get all the stuff out. I LOVE being brushed. It's almost as great as going for a walk :)

So while Mommy is brushing me, Julie phones and wants to know if we want to go for a walk with her and Jewels. You bet!

Look a bear in a tree! How'd that get there?

We found Easter eggs too. The Easter bunny was here!

Oh, a river! I love water, that's for sure. I can dig all the rocks out of the bottom!

Splash :)

We walked along the path beside the river. We met someone going fishing, then we met someone else with his dog who was picking up garbage. Mommy and Julie are going to bring a bag next time and pick up garbage too.

We've come to the end of the path on this side, so some how we have to get to the other side. I just go right through the river, but Julie and Jewels and Mommy don't want to get their feet wet, so they crossed the river on this tree branch. You can do it Julie!

After we crossed the river, Jewels decided to have a little break on this pretty rock :)

I decided it was a good time to roll in the dirt because I got a bit chilly walking through the river!

Up a great big hill we went, then down the street and we were back a Julie's house. Boy, what fun! Mommy says I'm all muddy and dirty again, so I'll have to be brushed again as soon as we get home.

Yeah! More of my favourite things! Then it's naptime for me. I hope you had as much fun on Easter as I did!


  1. What an awesome day you had, Oakie. I'm so happy for you and for Jewels. It was a wonderful Easter for both of you!!!

  2. What a very nice day it was indeed. Just right for an outdoor adventure. The woods looked like a great place to be on Easter, those Turkeys better get a move on soon lol. Jewels and Oak look like they are very happy and had a special Easter . We had a very good day here at the Lake too. Coco had her first walk around to the feild at the back and left a little something for daddy to pick up ( guess what it was ha ha ) See you soon, come visit me at my mommy's blog won't you. She is trying to put my picture there and some of the interesting things around the lake too. Bye for now Coco Fleming

  3. Hey Oak, Its me, Bert. Looks like you had a wonderful day. Kind of wish I had been there too. All we did was sleep Sunday. Oh yeah and eat.

    Take Care

  4. That looks like so much fun, Oak. Wish I could have joined you. Hey, what have you been up to this summer? Love Bronte.