Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!

Mommy has been hogging the computer lately, so its taken me days to finish this blog post!

Guess where we went for New Year's, the COTTAGE!!!! Yeah!!! There was snow and ice and running and playing and even a fire. Check out my adventures.

Here I am helping unload the truck. Pullllllll .......

Look there is a little bird's nest in the tree right outside the cottage window. I didn't see it there this summer!

We went out on the lake to check out the ice. Look how far from the shore we are ...

It's really shallow though so even if we fell in we'd just get cold feet. And everybody 'cept Mommy did fall and get wet feet! Here's Julie emptying her boots .....

Jewels thinks there's still bugs in the grass and she's trying to find them. Silly, there's no bugs in the winter!

Time to head in and get dry.

Even though it was pouring rain, we built this huge gigantic snowman!

I was helping put the buttons on (well actually take them off, but that's not really helping, is it :)

We're going to have a fire tonight! I have to help collect some sticks. It's going to be huge!

See I told you, it was going to be huge!

Time to relax with Mommy and Daddy. More fun planned for tomorrow, so I have to make sure to have lots of energy :)

Daddy's throwing snowballs for me to fetch, but there's never a ball after it lands on the ground! It turns back into a little pile of snow :(

Look, it rained all night and Mr Snowman is shrinking :( He lost all his buttons, but I didn't take them! They all fell off!

Can I go for a swim Mommy?

Hey, that ice moved! I'm heading back for land!

We're climbing up the Bird's Nest Lookout we can see everything from there!

Look someone dug a heartshaped hole in the ground ... People can be really strange ...

When we got over to this pond, we found a silly frog had jumped on the ice and was sliding around. He couldn't get back to the water. Jewels and I wanted to go help him, but Mommy said the ice was too thin, we'd fall through and then we'd be stuck! Daddy got a really big stick and helped pull him back to the side of the pond. Yeah! The little froggy is safe :)

Over New's Years adventure is over. Time to go back home :(

Have a great 2011 Everybody!!!!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful New Years time Oak. We had fun here to but only for a few hours up in the snow. Sure wish we could go up to our place in the mountains now but we need a snoqwmobile to get to it and Vickie says we can't afford one so I'll have to wait until spring to get up there but until then we get to go for short snow shoeing trips and lots of long long walks to. Hope you have a great year.
    love Bert

  2. Wow, I want to go on an adventure like that Oak, what a great time you had!

  3. Wow, Oak. That looked like one incredible adventure. Look like you had loads of fun. Love, Bronte