Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hoppy Easter is on its Way :)

Mommy says we get alot of clients (you know, dogs and cats that she looks after) because the vets in the area recommend us. Isn't that nice of them? We need to do something nice for them, like give them chocolates for Easter. And, we need to give them a Thank You card with the chocolates. Mommy wanted to make the card more personal by putting a picture of me on it. Yeah! It's cause I'm so handsome, right? Well I thought this might be fun until....you guessed it, the BUNNY EARS came out! She took like 50 pictures of me in bunny ears (who wants to see a dog in bunny ears!!!). Finally she decided that was enough pictures. What do you think? These are a few of Mommy's favourite ones.

Big Smiley Bunny :)

A different pair of bunny antenae!

I tried very hard to eat the bunny ears, but she kept putting them back on, so now I'm giving up and just letting her take as many pictures as she wants!

Happy Easter everyone, remember NO chocolates for my furry friends!

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