Sunday, April 29, 2012

I can't believe how long it's been since Mommy let me use the computer!   I haven't posted to my blog for a year!  That's like 7 years in dog time.  I'll be posting more now though cause fun things are coming my way :)

I had so much fun today! Mommy took me to my own private agility class! I got to run and jump and run and play and run some more! It was outside in a sunny field! Yah! 

This is me on the "table". I did a really good job. I stopped and sat just like I was supposed to. 

Then we tried the high jump (or maybe I should say low jump, cause it wasn't really high). I tried to go around it instead or over it but then when I did jump over it Mommy was so happy I decided that was much more fun! 


Next came the tunnel. It was kind of scary looking, but I could see Mommy (and the treats) at the other end so I ran real fast to get through. 


It wasn't so bad at all! I did it lots more times. What fun! 


What alot of fun I had! I can't wait until we go back again next week. I'll be weaving through poles and running up teeter totters in no time at all! 


  1. Hi Oak. I was so excited to see your post. I have really missed you. Man have you gotten really good looking to. You have grown into the most handsome of dogs.

    I am glad you are back and cant' wait to see what has been going on and will be going on in your life.

    Your Bud

  2. Hi Oak! We are catching up on blogging ourselves! Welcome back - we can't wait to hear more about you!