Monday, July 16, 2012

I've Been a BUSY Boy!

You won`t believe what I`ve been doing the past few months!  More agility, dock diving,
my BIRTHDAY, and just hanging out.  So much fun!

Mommy and I have been practicing my agility in many different places.  I`ve been jumping over fences, walking along benches, stopping at the bottom of the stairs. 
 Mommy says I`m doing really well!

Sometimes I`ll jump through

Sometimes I sneak around the jumps,
 I can be a wee bit lazy :)

Mommy and me posing :)

I`ve also started dock diving lessons.  Do I EVER love them!  It was so scary at first,
 I didn`t want to jump into the water (I just wanted to walk in and swim),


but after the first time Mommy pushed me in (yes, she pushed me!  Can you believe it!)
 I loved jumping.  I jump in, sometimes gracefully ....

 and sometimes I look like I didn`t actually mean to jump!

Then I fetch the toy,

 bring it back to Mommy 

and then shake and get her all wet :) 
 Then we do it again.  It`s great!  Look at me fly!

And my BIRTHDAY, it was the bestest day of all.  I got to go dock diving,
 then for  walk with LuLu


and Jewels 

After our walk, Mommy had to go visit a kitty cat and it was too hot for me to go,
 so Julie and Jewels took me home.  Bye Mommy!

 then I got birthday cake!  Wow!!  The only bad part was the hat :(  
She made me wear a party hat again.

Yummy, I finally get to eat it!

I hope you`ve all been having a great time too!  Blog to you soon, Oak


  1. Hey Oak, good to see you again. Boy what a lot of fun you have been having. I think I would be a good dock diver. Sure wish I was there to help you celebrate your birthday. that cake looked sooooo good.

    Have fun

  2. Hi Oak - great to see you! Happy Belated Birthday - it looks like you had an awesome day! Your dock diving pictures are neat!

    Mom apologizes for commenting so late - she has been traveling for work and is really behind!