Thursday, July 1, 2010


It's Canada Day today, time to celebrate our country and to take a vacation and spend the day having fun. We started our celebration off at my favourite park.

First we played ball at the tennis courts. Mommy says its so I can work off some of my excess energy. What is excess energy?

I'm going to get you, you crazy ball!

Look Bert, I can bounce too (or at least jump!)

Then we went for our walk through the woods and down the paths. We usually walk here with Beau (he's a german shepherd friend) and Zanara and Mandy, but today it's just Mommy and me.

Before we left to go home, I got to dig for rocks in the river. This looks like a nice big one!

What a great walk we had, I can't wait to go back again (hopefully tomorrow).

After lunch, Mommy's lunch not mine :), we went out to the garden to weed. I was doing a great job helping, I worked sooo hard, I even got some of the flowers in my hair :)

And when Mommy threw one of the fancy rocks back on to the rock pile I even went over and brought it back to her! Wasn't that nice of me?

Then the best part of the day arrived. We were going to the beach with Jewels. Yeah! Swimming! There's nothing I love more the swimming! (except maybe eating)
Not only swimming, but fetching sticks. Even more fun!

Look at the stick I got! Throw it again :)

Jewels doesn't like swimming as much as me, she likes to search the weeds for bugs. What's she going to do with a bug! Mommy says she thinks she's a mountain goat!

Jewels come swimming with me its fun :)

I hope we never go home :) What fun, running, playing, swimming :)

Oh, no, time to go :( But at least it's cause we are going home for supper :) A barbeque! Yummy smells. Then we're going to sit outside (I'll make sure they throw a ball for me to fetch). And then fireworks! Mommy says alot of dogs are scared of fireworks, but they don't scare me (unless they are really close).

You want to know the bestest thing about Canada Day, it's only 3 days before my birthday! Yeah! I just know I'm going to get lots of treats and presents, I can hardly wait:)

I hope your Canada Day has been as wonderful as mine, mmm, I think I smell the barbeque :)

A little update, it is now 7:30pm and I'm thinking maybe I am afraid of fireworks this year :( I've already heard some scary noises, don't want to sit outside anymore. :(

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