Monday, June 28, 2010

Me and My Hips!

I went to the vet today for a preassessment appointment. They had to make sure I was ok to be put under anaesthetic to have my hips xrayed again. I had them xrayed back in April 2009 when I was only 10 months old and they didn't look so great :( There was even some mention of hip dysplasia. I don't like big words that sound scary! After the last xrays Mommy put me on Sasha's Blend and salmon oil, took me to the chiropractor on a regular basis and taught me how to swim.

We've been walking alot too, to keep me fit (and handsome :) Mommy wants to have my hips rechecked now that I'm all growed up so she knows if everything is working! All I know is I love going to the chiropractor and swimming and walking and the supplements just taste yummy!

We walked into the vets office and I was greeted by lots of nice ladies who were there just to pet me :) Then I got weighed, I was 88lbs! When we went into the office to visit the vet, she said I was a bit too round :( I need to loose a few pounds cause the extra weight isn't good for my joints. Oh, oh, that means less food and treats. Not good :(
She also said I have lots of muscle (Of course I do, I'm a big strong boy!) and good leg extension (what ever that means). Mommy was smiling alot, so that must be a good thing.
Everything looked good,so next wednesday I have to go in for my new xray. Cross your fingers for me!

Meanwhile, I won't be getting as much food as I deserve for supper today!


  1. Hope everything turns out perfect! Sounds like you are taking good care of yourself Oak!!

    Elizabeth & Luna

  2. Awww! Please don't worry Oak. Treats are not the only thing that makes us happy. I have to give up some of my treats soon too. I have my fingers crossed for your exray to come out with and A+! Love you lots Oak XOXO.

  3. I am still learning how to use this blogging thingy :)

  4. tell your mommy to make you some low fat treats...if she needs a recipe..I can find one for her..maybe two..

  5. Hey Oak, its me Bert. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you cause you gotta be in great health cause one day we gotta meet in person. Vickie gives me some chicken flavored rice in my food so I think I am getting more when I eat but I don't gain any weight. Plus I have this cool exercise program. check it out.
    we call it the Bert bounce

  6. Wow Bert! Can you ever bounce! I could eat anything I want if I could do that! :)