Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We went to the Beach!

Last sunday we found a nice quiet beach where I could fetch sticks and run around and play!
First we walked down this little path in a field until we got to a cliff. Wow! Nice view!

But there's water down there! I want to play in the water! Can we go down the cliff? come on, let's go!

Julie and Jewels showed Mommy and I the path down to the lake. Yeah! Mommy threw lots and lots of sticks and I fetched them all! There were so many to choose from, that I decided to bring I couldn't just bring one back.

Jewels climbed the hills and looked for bugs! She loves hunting bugs, not sure why, she never catches them!

The swans were coming to get me, so Mommy started throwing the sticks a different direction :) She was afraid they were stalking me. Silly Mommy, I'm not scared of a couple of birds!

We saw a toad, well at least Mommy did, I missed it, to busy looking for sticks.

Mommy says its time to go :( But I'm not ready! Throw another one please?!? Just one more, maybe two, no more then three, ok?

Boy, what a fun day Jewels and I had. I bet Jewels is dreaming about bugs.

I'm going to dream about fetching sticks and swimming :)


  1. Man Oak, you are onc good looking dog. Vickie says that I look a lot like you when I am sleeping. She loves that big ole face look we get.
    Looks like you had a great day.
    thinking of you

  2. We did! I want to go back :)