Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mud Bath Techniques by Lite

My buddy Lite wanted to show me the correct technique for having a mud bath. You know, the best way to get the full theraputic results!
First lay flat on your belly in the mud.

Then flop to your side like so,

squiggle around a whole bunch to get the mud under the fur and down to the skin,

roll over on to your back and move your hips back and forth,

and voila, a proper coating of mud.

Now its my turn,
Flop on my belly,

Ok, here I go ... Over on my side to squiggle, Oooo, a stick, grab that instead

Ok, Let's try again, look at Mommy to see if she thinks this is a good idea, nope, not a good idea ...

Why would I want to get my beautiful tail all muddy!

1 comment:

  1. Hey, I do mud baths but I think I been getting d squiggling around a bit wrong.. I think I need to do more until I get it right. This is the bestest post ever!! I love mud!!